Motherhood Mini Sessions

Photographing landscapes just does very little for me. Still life pictures? Flatlays? They can be pretty, but there’s no pull on my heart.
But photographing mothers? And mothers with their babies? There are no words for how meaningful these sessions are. Mothers show up every day for their kids. But mothers don’t always show up in pictures. They are usually too busy behind the scenes running the invisible work of nurture and care and clean up and pick up and reading and bedtime. They are awash in the work of mothering.

So let’s take just a few minutes together. The opportunity to celebrate the grace and beauty of your motherhood, in front of a camera, is by far my favorite work. Let’s document your love.

Need some photographs like these of your own?
Pictures that take note of the way your baby fits on your chest, or on your hip, or hand in hand.
Pictures that show how gracefully you nurture other small humans.
Pictures that show just how much your love makes them grow and just how beautiful you are for it.
Yeah, I think you deserve some of those.
I got you.